Lucas Ariel Vallejos 2012
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Lucas Ariel Vallejos

Sound designer with both Musical and Technical background (Electronic Engineer, and Bachelor in Telecommunications, specialised in audio).

After some years working as a research audio engineer, programmer, and other engineering stuff, I finally focused on sound and music related to art and entertainment. Since then I work as a free-lance sound designer and music composer for audiovisuals, theatre, and sound art installations.

My work contributed to award-winning projects such as the documentary 'Google and the Worldbrain' (premiered at Sundance), or the shortfilm 'The Fourth Kingdom' (Goya 2018 Award nominated). I perform specially well when creative thinking approach is a must. A wide number of projects ranging from the artistical to the industrial are part of my background.

The emotional outcome of the sound, thoroughness, and curiosity are some of the key concepts of my workflow

Piano, drums, and electric bass studies, besides than being member of several bands and listening to a wide range of musical genres, complete my musical background. I released two records as a bass player -with the mythical band 'Groovecrew'- and, eventually, I played as a musician-on-stage for theater plays, or live concerts.

Some of my specialties:
- Highly pro-active, thoroughness, and commitment
- Strong analytical and problem solving skills
- Search for an aesthetics consistency between Sound Design and Music
- Strong technical background in Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, DSP
- Programming Tools & Simulation Tools

How to express it with sound?
Does the sound add something else to what is being experienced?